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clarksvilledrugdefenseattorneysWhen you are facing criminal drug charges in Tennessee, your decisions significantly impact your chances of successfully mounting a defense. Whether you were arrested pursuant to any indictment, or pursuant to criminal complaint and a warrant, or approached as suspect by the law enforcement – it is imperative that you require representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you have been facing drug charges in Tennessee, you must immediately consult reputable a drug defense attorney to discuss and implement possible defenses. The state of Tennessee considers majority of the drug charges as felonies and if convicted, it carries serious consequences for the accused.

Why hire a criminal defense attorney in Clarksville?

During my career as an attorney, I have been consistently and exclusively working in the field of criminal defense. If you are wondering why you would require any criminal defense representation, consider the following:

  • Options of constitutional violations that can impact the procedure of resolving your drug charges and possibly resulting in complete dismissal of your charges.
  • There are specific alternatives where several drug offenders have been offered unique sentences by the supervising Drug Court as it has been sometimes formally acknowledged that incarceration may not be the most effective punishment.

These two possible methods of respite will compel you to recognize why an expert representation is a necessity when you are accused of drug charges.

What are the categories of Drug Charges in Tennessee?

Tennessee law expressly classifies drugs in particular ‘schedules’ on the basis of their dangerous nature and the high potential of abuse that they pose. The subsequent schedules will give you a reference point for the offenders on the severity of their drug offense:

Schedule I includes drugs that are most dangerous and have extremely high possibility of dependency and addiction with no lawful medical use. The drugs incorporated under this stringent schedule feature heroin, LSD, and mescaline.

Schedule II features substances that may have any legitimate medical usage but still pose a high threat of abuse. The drugs under this category include methamphetamines, amphetamines, methadone, cocaine, and opium.

Schedule III these drugs are comparatively somewhat less perilous than the substances highlighted in Schedule II. However, they still carry a fairly high risk of serious abuse. The substances in this category include testosterone, anabolic steroids, ketamine, and several depressants.

Schedule IV these drugs offer highly acceptable medical utilizations with a slight potential of dependency. Some of the Schedule IV recognized drugs are sedatives, tranquilizers, and clonazepam.

Schedule V substances offer extremely low risks of dependency and consist of drugs such as Codeine and Tylenol.

Schedule VI features marijuana that is believed to offer extremely low danger of any physical dependency.

Schedule VII incorporates just Butyl Nitrate often known as ‘poppers’.

What are the defined drug laws in Tennessee?

  • Simple Possession – Class A Misdemeanor for casual exchange or simple possession of a scheduled narcotic.
  • Possession with Intent to Manufacture, Sale or Deliver-Felony ranges in this category can range from an E Felony to an A Felony depending on the type and weight of drug involved in the offense.

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