Juvenile Defense

If you child is a minor, he or she falls under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Courts should they find themselves in trouble with the law, hire a top Clarksville Juvenile Attorney. Whether it is a speeding ticket, vandalism, theft or something more serious, having representation is important. Even though a juvenile can not be placed in jail, he or she can be placed in a detention center located in Columbia, Tennessee. Having an unruly petition can provide an unnecessary scar on a juvenile’s record and can have implications well beyond the courts.

Incidents that were traditionally handled by schools are now more commonly being litigated by Juvenile Courts. Even if the incident happened in school, on the bus, or the athletic field, your child can still be subjected to a court appearance. Make sure you have an Attorney that has the experience in these particular courts. The rules and punishments are unique and far different from adults courts.

When you are facing criminal charges you need a top Clarksville criminal defense lawyer to represent your rights and defend you.

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